We are a fast-growing diverse company located in the heart of Queens Village, New York, with access to all major routes, highways, shopping areas, municipal and transportation. We are the neighborhood plumbing, engineer and architect professional, with over 25 years in the business.

Genet Plumbing offers a range of services in Plumbing, Heating, Boiler Installations, Architecture Services and a whole range of other related services.

Our office stands ready to help the private home, or building owners and commercial clients, on all types of buildings. We also offer services to the Real Estate Broker and small business.

Genet Plumbing stands behind the workmanship and is committed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our Focus is on the Customer!

Our team of professional staff are properly trained to handle any situation or emergency, with the workmanship guaranteed by years of expertise.

Our services covers the entire housing systems – ALL plumbing and heating/boiler installations along with repairs. ALL filings, inspections, violations, sign-offs; Architectural plans, filings, permits with sign-offs and Certificate of Occupancy.

Over the years, more than 75% of our work consisted of the substitution for the original Plumber/Contractor to bring the job and all paperwork to completion.

Contact Us:

Genet Plumbing and Heating Corp., 206-06 Jamaica Avenue, Queens Village, NY 11428
Tel.: 718.740.0651 Fax: 718.217.5756 E-mail: genet206@aol.com