The Real Estate Industry

We serve the Real Estate Professional because we understand the need to close the deal as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We work with the Broker throughout the process by giving prompt, reliable and professional services.

We provide the following services:

🔺 Consulting

🔺 Clearing all violations

🔺 Architecture

🔺 Contracting & Licensed Plumbing

🔺 Home Inspection

🔺 Plumbing Certification by Licensed Plumbing

🔺 We will correct and connect broken water meter

🔺 Reconnect water service

🔺 Reinstall Gas service

🔺 Any other services required.

We provide comprehensive engineering inspection reports in 2-3 days

We research and file for a new Certificate of Occupancy.

We will clear all illegal apartments violations.

We will correct and connect broken water meters

🔹 Reconnect Water Services

🔹 Re-install gas services

🔹 Any other services required

Contact us today at:

Tel.: 718.740.0651